Dijital İmalat için Optimizasyon


Computation and Optimization of Structural Leaf Venation Patterns for Digital Fabrication

The morphogenetic design process of networking patterns produces anisotropic structural systems that can offer generative solutions for custom design applications. As an example of this type of pattern application, the leaf venation algorithm is introduced that can be customized through parametric inputs and density maps. This method is extended onto mesh surfaces incorporating multiple software applications combining aspects of parametric design, optimization and digital fabrication. The dynamic workflow is presented using a case study project titled “Calyx,” a public artwork completed using the computational tools developed as part of the research. The networking structural pattern of the sculpture yielded to the development of a geometry optimization process that allowed the digital fabrication of planarized structural members. The technical aspects of the design development and post-rationalization process for the construction of leaf venations patterns are discussed.

Kaynak: Sabri Gökmen, Computer-Aided Design, Volume 144, March 2022, 103150 ​https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0010448521001603